Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sledding in the Yard!

All She has to do is say "Daddy, you take me for a ride"
(he thinks he is tuff but he can't resist her!!!!!!!!!)
I Snapped this just as Logan was running into the back wheel. I love his face..
( Check out the cute dog in the hot pink sweater)
This is my crew! I just love these guys.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa on a Fire Truck

My Cute Little Crew

Logan With Father Christmas-
First thing out of all the kids mouths was "Santa's got a wierd suit on today."

Kelli with Father Chirstmas

Santa's Arrival

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another photo by MR. WONDERFUL

No place like HOME

So as I came home from carpool this morning and opened the curtians THIS was the view out my window!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Post!

I promise a new post is coming soon!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Part 1 - of WONDERFUL!

So I am pretty sure this is going to posted backwards- you'll have to read each caption that appears closed to the picture. . . Good Luck.... Hopefully my blogging skill will come back to me in the next few days!
Getting ready to climb back into a cave! --so FUN ! --
Our own little beach- our room was just 10 feet away- WONDERFUL

Dressing up for Dinner

another FABULOUS PHOTO by Mr. Wonderful!!

Our Resort at Night
- Ashley took this picture I didn't even know about his Professional Photo Skills-

Day 1 - Porto De Carmen

I don't even know were to begin Ashley and I just had the most fairytale of a vacation together! I must admit I missed my kiddos Like CRAZY but we had SOOO much fun I honestly can not remember a time that we had so much fun together as a couple. So let me see if I can do this vacation justice.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Trick or Treating with 10 of her favorite cousins! Trick or Treating was serious business she had to walk all by herself and carry her own bucket!! ..... But she slept like a champ!!!

Kelli with her Best Friend Chloe!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't Hurry, Don't Worry, Don't Stop

Don't Hurry, Don't Worry, Don't Stop
- Disney-
Yes, This is some of the wonderful information I learned Yesterday!! This qoute came from Walt Disney after he had drawn out the plans for Disneyland on a Napkin on his Lunch Break. His friend asked him how he was going to accomplish this HUGE task he had just laid out before him. His response was
"Don't Hurry, Don't Worry, Don't Stop"
Don't Hurry- Becuase you will miss out on the amazing things going on in your
life right now, and the process of reaching your goals.
Don't Worry- Savor everything that happens in your life
and know it is for a reason.
Don't Stop- Never ever ever ever give up! As long as you are working toward
something no matter how small it is it is still getting you closer to reaching your goals!
Here is Looking at you Kid- Megan

Friday, October 8, 2010

Just What I Needed. . . .

I had one of the best days ever today. You know how sometimes you just get in a rut and can figure out how to get out. I been feeling a bit like that lately. Today I went to a Women's Entrepreneurs Conference.( Yes, I am a small business owner so the DATC/Chamber of Commerce gave me a free scholarship to attend this conference) it was the best thing EVER. Every hour of that conference I learned something new. I left there today feeling like a had done something ( OK MANY things) to better myself. So I do not forget I am going to blog a new concept each day till I run out of things to say.

Today's Life: Lesson: Life is Long and in the End, you may be able to have it all . .. just not on the same Day! - Marilyn Carlson

Loved this! Because being a mother of small children and teaching preschool is not the most glamorous thing I have ever done but I am doing it because RIGHT now it is my plot in life I really do not think I will teach forever. And I am sure when I am older doing something glamorous (lol) I will look back and wish my children were little again, and I was the mother staying home with small children. I guess what I am trying to say is, I hope I can enjoy what I have while I have got it! and not take my family and beautiful children for grated. They are the 3 greatest people in the universe and I consider it a Privilege to be their wife and mother. Hope that makes sense to you?.... Meg

PS-- I need to give a shout out to my FABULOUS husband!!! I came home from a all day conference to a shinny clean floor( he scrubbed on his hands and knees), wiped down kitchen cabinets, and Cleaned and organized cupboards and pantry. Whew! I don't even think I could get that much done in one day!!!!!! Thanks Ashley LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH

Thursday, September 30, 2010

SUNFLOWERS-- the story of my life.

I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!!!!! I completely have an obsession for them without sunflowers why even have a garden..??.... I don't know. Why I really Love Sunflowers is simple, it doesn't matter what happens in you garden as long as you have 10 foot sunflowers everybody thinks you are this Wonderful, Marvelous Gardener--- Which I am really not a gardener at all, I just put things in the ground and hope something happens to it.... Kind of like my life, I just give it everything I've have got and then something marvelous happens.
So right now 2 quotes keep coming to my mind mind; 2 lessons we can learn from this:
or for a CLASSIER approach:
Never bend your head. Always Hold It High. Look the world Straight in the Face. Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will all be behind you, It's what Sunflowers do!
Hellen Keller.
Love you all ----- Megan

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tea Party!

This Morning I was making SASLA! (I will put the recipe up later! delish) but when I looked over to check on Kelli this is what I saw . . . . so cute! PUFFIN is the best dog ever! How many of your dogs would have a TEA PARTY with a 2 year old girl? . . . (I really don't think McKell gave her to much of a choice)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just A Little Bit About.... ME!

1. I love the t.v. series "5 Ingredient Fix." I LOVE LOVE LOVE all her recipes. Almost as much as I LOVE to bake, cook, chop, anything in the Kitchen.

2. I think I could eat at JAMBA JUICE almost everyday.

3. I LOVE LOVE, Can't get enough of . . .. . SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! nothing make me happier than a new sharpened pencil, or new pen with a Crisp New Binder and Paper....Whew... I am getting Goose Bumps!

4. Out of all the movies that I own. . . ,who am I kidding, I could not tell you what the new releases are to save my life. Although a new Barbie movie came out last week and I think Tinkerbell rescue mission came out today. (GO ME..... Please don't tell anyone I know that)

5. There are 3 people that make me laugh everyday...ASHLEY, LOGAN and KELLI. We try to keep our windows shut for a reason. . . . .

6. My Favorite person ever is... Ashley! Of course! Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

7. Right now I am in a LOVE/HATE relationship with my TIME. I need more of it, but then I am sure I would just find more things I need to get done!

8. I hate that winter is coming!!!!
But I love it getting dark earlier, GO 8:00 BEDTIMES!! Whoot whoot!

9. I am the middle child and the middle girl. awesome.

10. I want to take my kiddos to Disneyland SOOOO stinking bad!!!!


12. My favorite color is Purple.

13. I grew up in Morgan, and still think that town produces the prettiest mornings. EVER.

14. 5 is my new favorite number. GO Logan's AYSO Soccer Jersey!!!

15. We got engaged on the Richfield Lane Down by the creek! It was very romantic!!

16. ASHELY is the most amazing person ever. He has enough humor and energy..and smarts for the both of us.

17. I LOVE having my hair brushed played with anything! I am currently teaching McKell how to "Do Hair" and make her practice on my as much as she will!!

18. My best friend's name is ...MOM!

19. My sister's Robin and Jenni are the 2 greatest Mommies Ever! They call me for advice and I just think they are 20 times better at this whole mommy thing than me!!!!!!

20. I want to go to Moab. So funny, I Know, but I Love the Arches and If i could get Ashley to go he would love them to to!! He is always saying "Why do you want to look at a bunch of rocks!" .......I have got to get him down there!!!!!!

21. I turned thirty this year and I am really struggling with it!!! I went to an open house at the DATC yesterday...... I felt so old. I thought I was so big at 18...... they are just babies. I was wondering where half their mommies were and why they were out so late...... OH! and I got followed around by a homeless man ,....... but that is a whole new post!! ---- Don't worry, we made friends!

Sleep good all! And Michelle, thanks for the cute idea! I obviously loved it!!!

Love ya,


The end.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Little Miss Mckellie Lately

Every Monday morning the hightlight around the Phillips is the GARBAGE TRUCK!!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

IF ........................

If I was a season, I would be Summer ( I Love Love Love my Garden)

If I was a piece of furniture, I'd be the preschool tables in my basement.

If I was a country, I'd be the good old U S of A's

If I was a food, I'd be a Orane Julius

If I was a flower, I'd be a Daisey

If I was a song,I'd be the alphabet (hence the preschool teacher)

If I was an instrument, I'd be the drums

If I was a color, I'd be Purple

If I was a letter, I'd be a love letter

If I was a book, I'd be the Book of Mormon or Letter of the Week book.

If I was a time of day, I'd be a Morning Walk

If I was a drink, I'd be Diet Coke (it just makes everything better)

If I was a holiday, I'd be the Forth of July (I will be 30 this year. .. AHHH!)

If I was a store, I'd be a consignment shop

If I was a word, I'd be MOM

If I was a person, I’d be Drew Barrymore . . .ask Ashley . . .

If I could know the future, I'd want to see my little family and how it grew.

I saw this darling idea on a friends blog .....
If you could be anything what would you be.


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Family.


Ta-Da !

Reflections Contest

Need I Say MORE!!!