Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sorry I don't answer my Phone !!!!

FIRST - Let begin by saying this post is not meant to offend ANYONE! It is just kind of a family joke that Megan never answers her phone! So this post is just to show the world that I am mot ignoring phone calls and that I am not a Stay and Home MOM. My day Typically begins around 5:30 in the morning giving me a good hour (with out the help of a two year old) to get things ready for preschool collect my thoughts and make sure that I have everything ready I need for the day. Around 6:30 I run upstairs to get myself ready and at 7:30 it is time to wake up the Kiddo's in order to be ready for CARPOOL at 8:30

This is Logan doing a action shot of carpool ( the look on his face and the fact that he is flying trough the air pretty much sums up my days CrAzY!!!)

This is me and McKell "Goofing" off in between carpool and 9:00 starting preschool (she caught me with a camera and had to have her turn on the spotlight!)

9:00 to 11:00 Three Year Old Class! They really are a very cute bunch!

Lunch time consists of eating while standing and trowing in one more load of laundry - This makes me feel just a little bit domestic, Since I am home all day!!

12:00 to 2:30 is a four year old class that was sent to me straight from heaven!! I LOVE THESE KIDS! The Kindergarten teachers next year are so so so LUCKY!

I between 3:00 and 6:00, AKA my "spare time" I like to fit in karate, soccer practice, baseball practice, dinner, having Friends over- Logan that is-, Home work, and catching up all the house work that needed to be done for the day!

One more load of laundry!!!!

And I usually like to Finish the night off by putting up Bulletin Boards and vacuuming the preschool! You know all the nice relaxing stuff teacher get to do at night! So that is me LIVING MY DREAM! I really went through a mid life crisis this year when Ashley's Dad asked me what I have completed with my life the last year and I couldn't like of one DAM thing (pardon the French. . OK don't' pardon it D-- is the only that worked here). I work harder everyday then I have ever in my entire life and I could not think of anything newsletter worthy! Lately I have been reading the book "Being the MOM" by Emily Watts and I love it! I am on my second time around and I can't finish a chapter with out getting teary eyed! This is the epilogue at the back of the book and I pretty much have it memorized! hope you enjoy it too:

Is it worth it

As woman of the twenty-first century you're going to hear from alot of different sources that being the mom isn't worth it.They'll tell you it tedious and that is certainly true of any job, at least some of the time. They'll warn you about being unnoticed and under appreciated, and you'll acknowledge that much of what you do seems invisible (unless you leave it undone for a day or two) they'll tell you you're wasting your talent and not accomplishing anything, but that's because they're not patient enough to watch until the fruits of your labor reach maturity.

What these detractors of motherhood don't seem to get is that the story of the world is not about them! It's not about an individual, no matter how much fame or money or power or respect the person acquires. It is all about LEARNING- learning who we are and how to love each other and what we need to do to get back to our father in heaven. And the school of motherhood seems to offer exactly those course!

Being the mom teachers you who you are because you have to reach into the deepest of yourself to summon the mental and emotional resources to do the job. Your will find yourself accomplishing things you would have never dreamed you were capable of, simply they have to be Done!

Being the Mom gives you opportunities to exercise love in all its dimensions; patient love, exuberant love, adoring love, tough love, affectionate love, enduring love, and always always unconditional love! If, as John says, "God is LOVE ( 1 John 4:8) doesn't it make sense that you would draw closer to God the more you practice this divine attribute? as the mom, you'll get plenty of practice!

Finally, Being the mom reveals to you every day what you need to return to your Father in Heaven. After all, MOTHER is one of the few titles you'll take with you when you go. The family you are helping to build represents the only unit on earth that is designed to last through eternity. It is not a waste of your talent- it is the most significant possible use of it!

I can't imagine the any woman loves what she is doing every hour of every day and when things get tough, it is easy to second-guess yourself. The fact that such wonderful array of choices is available to woman today makes it easy to think (especially in those less-rewarding moments) that maybe you chose wrong:


No one can properly asses the value of what you do because they re not thier to see all the little ways in which you are "paid" and how the world is blessed by your selfless efforts.

Someday, Closer to the end of your life, when your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are running around in the yard and climbing up to give you sticky kisses and writing you love notes, I'll bet is will be clearer- to everyone- who made the right choice. And in eternity. when you are sitting surrounded by your posterity and enjoying the sweet companionship of a multitude of loved ones, those people who tried to tell you otherwise in this life will understand what you knew all along:




"Kind of" a scary night

Last Sunday night Ash went to a house down the

street were a little guy in our neighborhood was having a really hard night. Meaning, two hours later life flight flew over our house to meet the little guy, Ash and the Ambulance Crew at their lading pad at Ace hardware. . . well I was at home trying to put two kiddos to bed with flashing lights and helicopters flying over. Ash is gone ALOT at night so being alone is nothing new to me, and when Logan gets scared I just tell the only way he can be scared is if mommy is scared too. ( this keeps me in check to remain calm even when I REALLY want to be scared myself!!!!!) So To make a long story short, I just told him that I wasn't scared and to just hug his Bear and go to sleep. When I went back in to check on the two of them this is what I got!!!! MAN - I AM CRAZY ABOUT THESE TWO KIDDOS! LOVE YOU LOGAN AND KELLI!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Favorite Picture

I went outside Tuesday after school to find these two in the jeep giving PUFFIN a ride. I am sure Puffing was enjoying it. . . Poor Puffin. Puffin is Kelli's little Buddie they play tea party together, go for grocery cart rides and an occasion even play dress up together.