Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thanks Aunt Kathy !

One thing many people don't realize when they're younger--but which becomes crystal clear with age-- is that life is incredibly precious. Every moment counts. You have it within you to live each of those moments to the fullest. If you make the decision to keep your body and mind in the best possible shape, It's going to help ensure that your time on this earth is not only long but, most important, well lived."

"If there is a single factor that is the foundation stone for all successful aging, a factor that allows every other element, encourages every other element, and nurtures every other element, that factor must surely be a healthy SELF-IMAGE: We need to approve of ourselves, to take pride in what we have become, to feel a vibrancy in our moral sense--we must, quite simply, be happy with what we are."

Aunt Kathy just posted this on her blog and I LOVED IT! So worth sharing with ya'all!

Have a Great Weekend.


I promise a posted with out quotes coming soon!