Thursday, September 30, 2010

SUNFLOWERS-- the story of my life.

I LOVE SUNFLOWERS!!!!!! I completely have an obsession for them without sunflowers why even have a garden..??.... I don't know. Why I really Love Sunflowers is simple, it doesn't matter what happens in you garden as long as you have 10 foot sunflowers everybody thinks you are this Wonderful, Marvelous Gardener--- Which I am really not a gardener at all, I just put things in the ground and hope something happens to it.... Kind of like my life, I just give it everything I've have got and then something marvelous happens.
So right now 2 quotes keep coming to my mind mind; 2 lessons we can learn from this:
or for a CLASSIER approach:
Never bend your head. Always Hold It High. Look the world Straight in the Face. Keep your face to the sunshine and the shadows will all be behind you, It's what Sunflowers do!
Hellen Keller.
Love you all ----- Megan


Gwen said...

I love them too - except for the wasps !!! I had a bunch by my front porch 2 years ago, and had to have Roger rip them out. I'm such a baby with bees.

Todd and Melissa said...

Pretty! :)