Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Blog? ....

To all of you that read my blog I have a new one just about MEGAN
(I know you are intrigued already)
If you are interested check it out:

Telling it to the world..... Mary Kay.

(Just because I can't stand a post with out a picture!)
So really I have been a Mary Kay Consultant since August,
I have just been selling to family and a few friends. But lately I have been sporting
the Mary Kay pin on my purse.... and you would not believe what has happened,
I received 3 new orders while watching my children play in Carl's Jr.
Everyone Loves Mary Kay. I have not hosted any parties yet but I am
waiting for the new products to arrive. So to my "BLOGGER WORLD" if you are
interested in Mary Kay at all or just want to try something new let me know.
I will be putting my next order in on February 4Th 2011!!!!
P.S. If you are thinking you have something on your wish list let me know, I will give you 30% off if you mention my blog!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas at Grandmas

If you let my children pick between DisneyLand and Grandma and Grandpas sleepover they would always pick G&G hands down and here is why.....
( I still working on getting pictures is the right order so bear with me)
Making sure grandpa understands she is a REAL Princess.

Partying, Playing Games, Eating Delicious Food, Opening presents....
Whats a girl to do but completely CRASH on Grandmas bed.
After Opening her Princess Treasure Chest....
Cousin Eliza Painted her finger nails and put lip stick on..... HEAVEN!!!!

Grandpa after Partying, Playing Games, Eating Delicious Food and Opening Presents!
The Make-Over!
I love his Face he was so Excited!!!!
Sorry their is not more pictures of Logan but when a boy has 5 cousins
to play with I hardly even see him!
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa we are excited for next years party already!!