Friday, November 19, 2010

Part 1 - of WONDERFUL!

So I am pretty sure this is going to posted backwards- you'll have to read each caption that appears closed to the picture. . . Good Luck.... Hopefully my blogging skill will come back to me in the next few days!
Getting ready to climb back into a cave! --so FUN ! --
Our own little beach- our room was just 10 feet away- WONDERFUL

Dressing up for Dinner

another FABULOUS PHOTO by Mr. Wonderful!!

Our Resort at Night
- Ashley took this picture I didn't even know about his Professional Photo Skills-

Day 1 - Porto De Carmen

I don't even know were to begin Ashley and I just had the most fairytale of a vacation together! I must admit I missed my kiddos Like CRAZY but we had SOOO much fun I honestly can not remember a time that we had so much fun together as a couple. So let me see if I can do this vacation justice.