Thursday, February 24, 2011

I hate post with no pictures

This picture has nothing to do with the post but I hate post with out pictures!!!!

Just thought I would post something new. . more of what have we been up to lately:

Ashley: Is still working away! at the fire department as well as home. After 2 years of "finishing" the remodel we finally finished our entry way and repainted the living and while we were at it he spent his "Morgan fire money" (aka: his fun money) on crown modeling in the living room. (I might of persuaded him a little)

Megan: What's hard about being a mom is when people ask you what you have been up to you can not think of a darn thing. But if you are a mom you know you never sit down, you watch your mommy shows at night after everyone is in bed (about 11). And when you do something that is actually "Blog worthy" you do not have time to posted it!!! So.... on that note.
( I will label my next post all about me, and it will all be blog worthy!!)

Logan: Is still loving 1st grade!!!! He has been taking karate since September, he brought home baseball sign ups yesterday and can't wait till he can play football in the fall! He keeps me on my toes!!

McKell: Is just my little shadow! I love her. She is "pretty" easy going (sometimes) but for a 2 year old who has to endure 4 preschool classes a week, and help in Logan class on Monday, and sit though karate, carpools, and running Logan around. She is a pretty good sport!!

Hope all is well with everyone !!! MEGAN

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Ben and Michelle said...

Everything you do is blog worthy! I totally agree about the no picture thing! Sounds like you guys are just truckin' along....hope to see you at Grandma's birthday party!